dogs, driving laws & dog driving tips

I’ve never actually looked up California’s dog driving laws. I  just assumed police officers have better things to do than nab people driving with their dogs. Unless, of course, you live in Irvine, CA.

This morning I decided to look them up, and here’e what I learned:

There are no law regulating where dogs may sit within your car during transportation.  However, there are laws that regulate transporting your dog in a truck bed, viewable here.

But, that’s not to say that you should throw common sense out the window. I read a lot of helpful tips in my research that I’d like to pass along to you. Here they are, accompanied by several picture of Poki breaking all those rule. (Oops. I promise I’ll be better from here on out.)

1. You have airbags. Although they’re meant to save lives, they’re also extremely dangerous. The force of an airbag hitting your dog could be fatal.

This is dangerous.

This is dangerous.

2. Open windows are the portals to disaster. (Most) dogs love letting their ears flap in the wind of an open window. Adorable: yes. Dangerous: double yes.  Any bump, swerve, sudden stop, etc., can have your dog catapulting out your window. Don’t let your dog catapult out your window.  Close them, or at least have them at a reasonable height.

This is dangerous too.

This is dangerous too.

3. Don’t get distracted. Is your dog digging into your car seats? Farting? Barfing? Crying? Being cute? Ignore it. Safety comes first. Use your best judgment. If you feel like your dog needs serious attention, pull over.

Don't him, he's just up to no good.

Don’t mind him, he’s just up to no good.

4. Your center console is not a doggy platform. Why? Because with one hard brake, they could end up smashed against your windshield or accidentally shifting your gears.

Nothing good can come from standing on the center console. (Except this funny picture.)

Nothing good can come from standing on the center console. (Except this funny picture.)

And lastly..

5. The backseat is where the party’s at. My best advice for you is it have your dog sit in the backseat, if you can, especially for long trips. I usually put Poki’s dog bed back there and he just curls up and snoozes for the trip.

Come join my wild backseat party. BYOB. (Bring your own bed.)

Come join my wild backseat party. BYOB. (Bring your own bed.)

For more information on transporting your pooch, check out the DMVs website here for their traveling tips.

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follow him on instagram: @thedailypoki

It has happened. I have caved.

Not only have I created a Facebook fan page for this dog, but he now also has an instagram. That’s right, Poki has an instagram. He has entered the realm of filters and hipsterdom. It’ll just be a matter of time before he has his own board on Pinterest. Dear Lord, someone please stop me.

Check out my Pokigrams.

Check out my Pokigrams.

In the meantime, feel free to follow him on insta @thedailypoki or hit up his Facebook page  at ❤

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Don’t bother him. He’s sleeping.
Dare disturb his slumber and you’ll be greeted with this stink-eye.

Go. Away.

Go. Away.

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alright, so it’s been a while

Yes, I realize that my last post is dated June 19, 2011. And that it is now January of the year 2013. But I’ll everyone know that Poki has been livin’ large, despite the lack of world wide web exposure that I have been providing.

An an attempt to right my wrong of faulty postings, here he is.

Too sexy too be cold.

Too sexy too be cold.

Southern California’s weather has been unbearably cold recently. And by “unbearably”, I mean below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some may call my inability to deal with what normal folks refer to as”winter”, pansy-ish. But I call it effing cold. And Poki agrees. You know why? Because we belong on beaches surrounded by palm trees, in hammocks, drinking mai-tais and chi-chis, baking under the summer sun. That’s why.

Until then, I suppose I’ll just have to bundle up my dog and take unflattering pictures of him and post them here. Clearly he loves it.


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Meet Gucci & Rufus


After roughly 2 months of putting this off, I now present to you Gucci and Rufus, Poki’s dad and brother. And just in time for Father’s Day too!

Jen Chiang came over for a doggy play date with Gucci and Rufus in tow. I can most definitely see the resemblance between Poki and his dad. But Rufus on the other hand is one huge question mark. He’s way huger and has curly hair, just like his mother. So weird how genetics work, huh?

I now realize that perhaps I should have named Poki something a little more masculine (like Rufus) or maybe classy (like Gucci).

Ahwell. Sorry Pokes, but you’re stuck with your little pansy name.

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miniature poki

Stole some pictures of Poki as a baby from my sister April and my friend Hemang Saraiya.
Because I’m an obsessed dog lady, that’s why.

P.S. Look at how few spots he had as a puppy! More reason for me to believe that he is a dwarfed out dalmatian, because if there is one thing that Disney has taught me, it’s that dalmations grow into their spots. Learned that from when Roger and Anita yelled at Cruella Deville when she tried to buy off Perde’s and Pongo’s puppies. RUDE! I can dust off my VHS of 101 Dalmatians and prove it to you, too.

stuffed.animal lion2 lion1
Hemang1 hemang2

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test subject #1: mr. sock monkey

I’ve been meaning to do a little experiment on how long it takes Poki to rip his cute little toys into smithereens. Here is case numero uno:  Mr. Sock Monkey.

Perhaps Mr. Sock Monkey wasn’t the greatest first example. I say this only because it took Little Pokis Maximus about 37 minutes to tear into this little sucker…or should I say socker.

And so, 37 minutes after Poki was introduced to Mr. Sock Monkey, Poki was forced say goodbye to Mr. Sock Monkey.

R.I.P. little monkey. Hope you’re in a better place. ❤ And sorry about your innards being strewn across my kitchen floor…

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