Meet Nike- Poki’s other half

So Nike is my roommate’s 1.5 year, male, maltese poodle mix. Aka Poki’s best friend ever. Aka brother from another mother. Aka boyfriend/lover. These two guys are literally inseparable and get into the most random trouble ever. EVER. Like today I got home from disneyland and they apparently found a bag of CHARCOAL and chewed it open. I am hoping that they didn’t decide to eat this aforementioned charcoal because: 1) charcoal doesn’t sound very nutritious 2) I don’t want to find little doodoo charcoal surprises around my living room. But yah. These guys love each other. They make out all the time, snuggle and even hump each others’ faces. So inappropriate but pretty funny.

(*After close monitering, I have deducted that he defintely did not consumer the charcoal…just the bag. Don’t worry he got plenty of water after the incident!)

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