alright, so it’s been a while

Yes, I realize that my last post is dated June 19, 2011. And that it is now January of the year 2013. But I’ll everyone know that Poki has been livin’ large, despite the lack of world wide web exposure that I have been providing.

An an attempt to right my wrong of faulty postings, here he is.

Too sexy too be cold.

Too sexy too be cold.

Southern California’s weather has been unbearably cold recently. And by “unbearably”, I mean below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some may call my inability to deal with what normal folks refer to as”winter”, pansy-ish. But I call it effing cold. And Poki agrees. You know why? Because we belong on beaches surrounded by palm trees, in hammocks, drinking mai-tais and chi-chis, baking under the summer sun. That’s why.

Until then, I suppose I’ll just have to bundle up my dog and take unflattering pictures of him and post them here. Clearly he loves it.


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