the emancipation of poki

Occasionally I leash Poki to the couch in an attempt to control his puppy like tendencies of chewing up everything in sight and making monumental messes. This often times proves futile as he just digs up couch cushions and creates a whole new playground for himself to borrow into. Anyway, so the other morning I anchored him to our couch before leaving for lunch and lo and behold he decides to gnaw through his leash, emancipating himself from his confinements. I didn’t even realize it and I had to do a double take as I watched him happily trot into the kitchen with a fragment of his leash flapping behind him, no doubt pleased with himself that he managed to outsmart, or rather, outchew, my makeshift captivation device.

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eco-efficient paper shredder

I leave the room for 5 minutes, and in those 5 minutes Poki successfully manages to dismember and destroy a magazine. I can just imagine him saying, “Look what I did Mom! I’m so hardcore!” in a prideful voice, with his unusually stout chest puffed in confidence. Too bad his midget legs make him anything but hardcore. What the poor magazine did to deserve such a messy demise, I have no idea.

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Scardy cat.

This picture gets me every time. What’re ya lookin at Poki?

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Maybe this isn’t so daily…

It’s no secret: I suck at keeping up with blogs. I seem to have been getting this look a lot from Poki aka he is not ever amused with me. Probably because he has this huge camera in his face 24/7 while he eats, poops, sleeps, sits, stands, stares, etc., etc.  I also have fallen into a bad habit of buying every possible Christmas dog sweater at the dollar section of Target. I can’t help it though, they’re just so darn cute. I can feel myself morphing into one of those disgusting dog owners who shovel copious amounts of money into the pet clothing and accessory  industry and take videos of their pets, set it to obnoxious instrumental music with slide show effects, and post it on YouTube. Oh God help me.

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Baby Poki

Work and class have consumed my time ever since I got this little guy, and I just now realized how much I miss Baby Poki. He was so teeny tiny back then. I wish I had taken more pictures. 😦

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Meet Nike- Poki’s other half

So Nike is my roommate’s 1.5 year, male, maltese poodle mix. Aka Poki’s best friend ever. Aka brother from another mother. Aka boyfriend/lover. These two guys are literally inseparable and get into the most random trouble ever. EVER. Like today I got home from disneyland and they apparently found a bag of CHARCOAL and chewed it open. I am hoping that they didn’t decide to eat this aforementioned charcoal because: 1) charcoal doesn’t sound very nutritious 2) I don’t want to find little doodoo charcoal surprises around my living room. But yah. These guys love each other. They make out all the time, snuggle and even hump each others’ faces. So inappropriate but pretty funny.

(*After close monitering, I have deducted that he defintely did not consumer the charcoal…just the bag. Don’t worry he got plenty of water after the incident!)

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Puppy eyes.

Poki just hit 6 months on October 29th. He still has those puppy eyes though, which enables him to get away with almost anything. Almost. Unless it has to do with anything coming out of his lower half. Or chewing up my shoe rack, roommate’s mocassins, my coffee table and the panties he always manages to rangled out of my hamper. Or digging up my couch cushions and creating his very own obstacle course in my living room when I’m at work.

…Okay fine. Maybe those eyes don’t get him very far but they’re so cute!

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